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AUTO-PLAY: An easy-to-use Auto-Play Function for your CDs and DVDs
Version 3.2.140 - 22. February 2016



What is Auto-Play?

Auto-Play is a simple way to add a professional Auto-Play feature to the CDs and DVDs that you create. The registered version of AUTO-PLAY supports a personalised 'splash screen' graphic and playing music (Wave or MIDI) while the desired application or document is being loaded.

The Auto-Play Suite includes:

  • Auto-Play, the tool which is launched whenever your CD or DVD is inserted into the drive.
  • The Auto-Play Configuration Utility, a wizard-like tool that helps you configure Auto-Play's features.
  • The Auto-Play Menu Utility, which allows you to easily create an interactive menu for your medium.
  • The Auto-Play Chain Utility, which allows you to "chain" together a series of commands to be exectued by Auto-Play and/or the Auto-Play Menu.



Downloading the Auto-Play Suite

  1. Download apinstall32.exe and store it into a temporary directory, e.g. C:\TEMP
    DownloadAuto-Play Download Germany (Germany)
    DownloadAuto-Play Download Switzerland (Switzerland)
    Version 3.2.140
    22. February 2016
    2316 KB Freeware
    US$ 0.00

  2. Double-click on the file apinstall32.exe file to install Auto-Play.

The apinstall32.exe program is a delivery shell for the Auto-Play installer. The following options are available with apinstall32.exe:
--extract (or) /XExtracts the MSI file only (without starting the installation).
--dir (or) /D [path]Specifies where the MSI file should be stored.
--keep (or) /KSpecifies that the MSI file is not deleted after installation.
--quiet (or) /QHides the progress window (in implies --keep).
--version (or) /VDisplays the version information for both CBText and the installer.
--help (or) /?Displays these instructions.

If you like what you see and would like to unlock the full potential of Auto-Play, please Register your copy! Thank you!



Why Register?

Auto-Play Feature Shareware Personal Professional
Can launch any document when the media is inserted X X X
Can display a legal notice before the document or viewer is launched X X X
Supports individual images in the splash screen X X
Splash screen can be scaled to fit other image sizes X X
Supports an alternative splash screen layout X X
Splash screen can be hidden X X
Splash screen can placed anywhere on the screen X X
Plays music or sound while the document or viewer is loading X X
Copyright text in the splash screen can be changed X
An OEM version is available with your splash screen image compiled into the application X
Auto-Play Menu Feature Shareware Personal Professional
Maximum number of menu entries 3 12 12
Supports sub-menus X X
Supports background images X X
Supports alternative menu layouts X X

Both personal and professional licenses can be purchased on-line through the BMTMicro registration service:

Screen Shots


Screen Shots

Auto-Play Auto-Play Configuration Utility Auto-Play Menu Utility

For more information about the full range of features, Download the Auto-Play Suite and try it out. If you like what you see, please Register your copy to unlock its full potential! Thank you!



v3.2.140 - 26. January 2016

Auto-Play Suite (all programs):

  • Updated PNG Library: Updated the PNG support library to libpng 1.6.21 (January 15, 2016). (Copyright 1998-2016 Glenn Randers-Pehrson, et. al.)
  • Updated JPEG Library: Updated the JPEG support library to jpeg-9b (January 17, 2016). (Copyright 2016 Thomas G. Lane, Guido Vollbeding)
  • All applications have been compiled with the MinGW implementation of GCC version 4.8.1.

Auto-Play (v3.2.140):

  • Minor correction in the registration code (fix a possible buffer overflow).
  • Updated the default splash screen to show my German URL (

Auto-Play Configuration Utility (v3.2.092):

  • Minor correction in the registration code (fix a possible buffer overflow).
  • Updated the About links to point to my German URL (

Auto-Play Menu Utility (v4.3.094):

  • Minor correction in the registration code (fix a possible buffer overflow).
  • Updated the default graphics to show my German URL (

Auto-Play Chain Launching Utility (v1.2.036):

  • Changed the welcome message to my German URL (

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